How to find second marriage in astrology

Second Marriage Yog In Kundli According To Astrology

In the horoscope of a native, if this lethal yog is present, then as a remedy the person should remarry with his wife or husband.

By doing this, marriage will also be pleasant and there will be no threat to the life of a spouse. In some cases, there is no ideological difference between Husband and wife instead they are full of love despite having no animosity, but both are forced to live separate.

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This type of situation arises when there is excessive separatist planets sits in the seventh house of the horoscope. When Sun, Mercury, Rahu sit in the seventh house of the horoscope, then these planets create the distance between the husband and wife.

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For example, the husband lives abroad while wife in her own country, in other cases, the wife is forced to stay in her maternal city due to the job. In addition to this, when the lord of the seventh house of the horoscope sits in the third house of the horoscope then the spouse travels a lot in life because the third house is related to the journey, especially short visits. Due to visits, the person remains away from the spouse. In the same way, if the lord of the seventh house sits in the ninth house, the same result should be considered as the third house is known for short journey while ninth house for the long journey. I have seen many couples who work in different places, some perform night duty, some settle abroad, and there are peoples whose wives are in the government job and are working in the maternal home. When husband-wife stays away from each other, it is natural to have such thoughts in their mind that where there is a job they should get married and break old relations. Husband and wife are not interconnected then the entry of outsider in the married life is also natural.

Just send your birth details for every possible solution. I will analyze your horoscope to give you some remedies. Send your full story in the given form below. How will be family after marriage this is a big question especially for women. If this is your question also you can also post your questions in the given form below.

After marriage, when the Read more…. How to save marriage from break up Published by creativehelper on August 13, August 13, The state of mutual hostility The seventh house of the horoscope represents the life partner while the sixth represents the enemy. Widow or widower Yoga The second house of the horoscope is considered the house of death of the life partner of the native, as the second house comes at the eighth number when we start counting from the seventh house of the horoscope.

Remarriage as per astrology

Get 2 Minute Prediction. Categories: Astrology. Tags: 2 marriage yog 3 marriage yog divorce divorce yog how to save marriage how to save marriage from divorce how to save relationship from break up multiple marriage save relationship from break up second marriage yog third marriage yog. Related Posts. Astrology Family After Marriage Astrology How will be family after marriage this is a big question especially for women.

When two people fall in love they never think about their caste, religion, language culture, etc.

Need of 2nd Marriage:

Having fights and differences is natural in any relationship. In fact these fights can make your relationship stronger. You just need to take these fights in a positive way. Marriage is a beautiful relationship and you should respect this relationship and your partner.

Remarriage Incidents

This relationship gives you strength to fight against your problems in bad times. It doubles your happiness in good times.

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Marriage gives you, a companion whim whom who can share your entire life and never feel lonely. Second Marriage is not a bad thing. Since we are humans, we can make mistakes in life.

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Specialization: Dr. Hence, Astrology cannot have any connection with 2nd Marriage too. Examine your Astrology Birth chart. The Sun for a woman can only apply to the slower moving planets , but the Moon can apply to the Sun which often indicates an actual marriage for a man. Dont look at these planets in his chart, only at the characteristics of the house ruler, the house this planet is found and eventual planets also in the 11th house.

There are many reasons for second marriage. There are many people who go through the same phase. Just like any other relationship, Marriage is also very delicate. You should handle this relationship with a lot of care and love.

Love, care, trust, communication — all these things are very important aspect of any relationship. You should love your partner. You should stand by your partner in good and bad times. You can get that peace and happiness in your second marriage also. Never think negative about your marriage.

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There are many reasons of second marriage like separation, divorce, widowhood, etc. Your astrologers can guide you very well in all these cases because they have a good knowledge about stars, planets and Vedic Astrology.