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Important Note: In many cases, clicking on one of the links below will open one of my bimonthly tutorial columns. Feel free to read the entire column or just the article referred to in the title below. Please read my essays on "Becoming an Astrologer" -- by clicking here -- and my essay Ending the War between the Astrologers revised in January in addition to the specific-to-Vedic-Astrology articles below.

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Astrology Articles. The HTML versions of these articles may contain live links to related material. The PDF versions are designed for easier reading and printing. In the South Indian chart format, signs are fixed and houses & planets keep moving. Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces respectively. Mars also become lord of eighth house and ninth house as per KP chart.

Also, since I have already created detailed articles in my Western tutorial for the planets and the signs, I will not be duplicating this material in this section. I have also seen some writings in Starteller. KN Rao is one of the leading writer now on Mundane matters. Is it possible for your to throw some light on this through KP. Baskara system by Mr.

Devaraj, wherein, he has brought out the differences between K. System and that of K. While the author has every right to defend his own liking of K. Cuspal inter-link method has been amply described in K. Text and as well as several articles published in K.

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Thus interlink of cusps are certainly considered in K. This for him alone and not for others. As regards few hours, minutes or seconds difference in birth and the prediction to all such position at birth, the same result in K. I think, it is not correct.


With the use of sub lord, Sub-sub lord and further minute point upto swara lord, there cannot be any different results. Khar of Bolani has beautifully introduced the Theory of Substitution, as they are also star lords, sub lords for some planets and cusps. Again regarding the importance given to Punarphoo dosha in K.

It certainly plays vital role in marriage and other important events. Cancellation of PP Dosha, as envisaged by Dr. Khar of Bolani is also very much correct as per my own experience. Our Guruji K. I wish the author to continue his series further with examples for his K. Sincy, yours, K. Ramani Dt. I totally agree with you. I give you promises in future I will be very careful about this issue.

With best regard Kanak Bosmia I end this letter with no criticism to K. Theory, but to emphasise that all the differences pointed out by the author regarding K. System are all answered in KP books and magazines at different places.

This is the 2nd part in the series of the KP house grouping, which is compiled with the only usual aim of supporting the KP lovers with basic materials in their KP study as requested by my KP brother Mr. Kanak, nothing else. Venus is karaka Falls in love without sexual contact.

Get a partner in business. Having a love affair with sexual relations. Jupiter is karaka for recovery; 9th is facilitator for good health. Also check 6th and 11th. Also to check 6th. Saturn is karaka. Incurable; Also check 1st cusp sub-lord. Saturn is karaka for job. Also to check 10 th Sbl.

Also to cross check 10th cusp sub-lord Jupiter is karaka.

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Also to cross check 11th cusp sub-lord. Venus is karaka. Jupiter transit is mostly found in one of 2,7, Also to check 8th Sbl. Misunderstanding with partner, separation which may lead to divorce; To check 11th for married life. After love marriage if 5th is involved. Failure in love affair; Partnership breaks. If 7th significator signifies 6,9, wife will leave; if 3,12, husband will go away. Maraka, Badhaka, Moksha for 7th. Mrk, Bdk Mks for 7th. Rule- 3 by Mr. Kanak ; More reliable if all 3 rules are met. Without 7 5th for 1st child;7th for 2nd; 9th for 3rd, so on Mercury is karaka. In the lower court he was not found guilty. So the police made appeal in the high court. The Group member asked this question to me privately, but I reply in group.

Reason for going to jail 1 If the 12th sub lord signifies 7, 10 : for Business or Politics.

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Moon and Asc position Moon is in the star of Sat and sub of mer. Sat is lord of 2nd, Mer is in 2nd. Asc sub lord is SAT in own star and Moon sub. Sat is lord of 2nd. Moon and Asc confirm the question. Rah is in the star of Retro Sat, and sub of Moon.

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Background and Qualifications. Here speculation, devoid of accompanying argument, is often the rule. At the same time, the 4th bhava related karakas like, house, plot, vehicle, are lagna non dependent karakas. Consciousness Reconsidered. The Occult Explosion. New Realities. There is of course an extensive and ongoing literature on the history of astrology, for example an- cient astrology Baigent, ; Barton, ; Stewart, , medieval psychology Kemp, , preth century astrology Tester, , Spencer, , and 19th century astrology Curry,

Rah is in 2nd, No plant in the star of Rah and rah is cuspal sub lord of 12th, Rah is in the Rasi of Jup, lord of 12, Sat is lord of 2nd, Moon is in 7. Second condition is about retro planet. I do not consider in my analysis, so I do not count this rule. Third condition 12th sub lord Rah should be signficator of 2, 3, 8, In this horary chart Rah signifies 2nd and 12th.

URL: www. Ketu acts as agent for: Me, Sa. G Denotes geocentric correction applied to latitude. Page 12 Reason of going to jail is also clearly shown. Rah signifies 7, so for criminal act. Both are from RP and signifcators. Sat is in his own star of and sub of Moon. Sat is lord of 2nd, Moon is in 7. Bhukti-lord is Mer. So ket is stronger then Mer. Ket bhukti is up to 23 12 Ket is in the star of Moon and sub of Mar. Ket is in 8, aspected by Sat Lord of 2nd, in the sign of Mer in 2nd.

Moon is in 7, Mar is in 5 lord of 4, As per my prediction Manu Sharma was found guilty. Antra and sookshma are Ven and Moon.

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Ven is in the star and sub of Moon. Ven is in 1 lord of 5, Moon is in 7. Moon is in the star of Sat and sub of Mer. Point to be noted In this case 12th sub lord Rah is in the star of retro Sat. Even then, I predicted Jail and the result came correct. I repeatedly write that without checking retro effect we can predict the event correctly, this is live case and predicted in k-p-system group well in advance. Over 3 Hours of unique video lecture with many practical Om Ganeshaya Namaha examples!!

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