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I'm very patient and i can see both sides of a situation in a fair light, but i think anyone would agree that someone who can't stop pressing the rewind button will never progress within themselves or elsewhere. Started off small arguments, then her yelling while i try to maintain civility i did yell back sometimes but it would take alot to set me off and then came the physical attacks. Bite marks, bruises and even a moment where i had a ringing in my ear. Other physical events have happened but i think us taurus can agree on the fact that we might have strong sense of patience I never struck her back but certain situations made me feel like i had to bite my tounge off.

Sorry for the long blab. Anyway as a single taurus male im just curious to investigate this site regarding the signs and chat.

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Not writing pff any sign but im more wary of the dark side of scorpios. Eldar Aaaaa Its like you are describing my love with Scorpio! Very identical! We were deeply in love But then happened exactly what you wrote! We had so much in common and yet the love was brutally killed! I am still hurt!

go here Drinking three months in a row! We have been together for three years! Sonya I thought about my past and what signs I previously dated. A Taurus and Libra are the only two I recall. Both didn't go well. With the Taurus man it was rather boring but he was honest with me. Always had me worried though.

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The Libra he was distant and he wasn't romantic in the least. Maybe it just depends on the person individually? Corey Yes "person individually" is with everyone, but Tauren with Tauren is usually a boring but healthy communion because Taurens are usually honest with each other. It's usually "boring" because Taurens have that elegant cocoon, they retreat to and with both doing it Libras, are actually very romantic They march to the beat of their own drum. Meaning, if their partners view on romance is different from theirs Or maybe that Libra has a cusp.

Most people either do not know about a cusp or they tend to over look someones birth date. Some of us think, that this Age Aquarius , is effecting people in ways Notice the integrity or the wanting of true love That's a whole different conversation though.

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I mean this as a compliment Sonya. You seem as tho, you're more of a "chatter box" than other full or pure Taurens. Even tho your birth date May 8th, by the zodiacs standards places you as a "full Tauren" Or maybe, just maybe, you are reflecting what you long for. But some of us are starting to see Think about that. Tarumissfit Hey Corey.

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Zodiac sign Cancer Love Compatibility Horoscope. Often a chance happening or even a shock is needed to reorient a Cancer, followed by a sudden realization. Free Compatibility Horoscope for your Zodiac Sign, Relationships and Love Zodiac Compatibility Horoscope Cancer Partnership Compatibility Cancer.

Please elaborate on ages. The rise and fall of the sun is a good way of looking at it. Corey Sure Taru.

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I will try and put it in a way of looking at it with a "common sense" point of view. That way everyone can see it. I will ask you to put on your "history cap". We go through cycles of Ages But Ages, take hundreds of years to finish its cycle. The cycles also go counter clockwise or backwards.

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See it yet? With each Age, we get a different state of awareness. Things may get better or worse JUST different. Let's go back in time During that time, we believed more in things, like the spiritual and the unknown. Things like, Angels and Demons Heaven and Hell.

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Are minds,heart and soul were We were very protective or innocence We also felt more of a need to protect those A time when, "Love", had a very powerful meaning. Love, had more integrity, honesty, loyalty and devotion. Love, was felt all the way down to the soul Love making, meant exactly that A time when I personally long for those times We were more driven to put our love in someone else Now, go slowly further in time Things slowly change.

Things are much different. Some would say Just like Aquarius, we are becoming Even though, there are perks of being free-spirited We tend to not feel a need to "live" for another person Instead of loving the other Like Aquarius, "friendship" seems more important. Instead of innocence I don't mean it so much in the sense of "wars" and things of that nature although that is a big factor Just look around. No filters with what people say, feel Loving making?

Isn't understood anymore And yet it's done as if The more I "try" to write about Aquarius I completely disagree with their ways. I'll stop writing because I don't want to come across as being abusive. But if you understood them I'll leave it at that But what everyone should understand, is that it doesn't matter what Age we are in. You are your own sign.

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If your mind, heart and soul says, that what you see around you "is wrong" I promise, there are others saying the same thing. Lastly, people don't like hearing about the zodiac, because they believe it's a way of taking away someones individuality No one of the same sign But there are "traits" that are usually the same Here is an example.

I dated a Pisces woman, of the same birthday as mine March 2nd. Even though we had a lot of the same traits We long for true-stable love and both of us were extremely affectionate and wanted to take care of each others wants and needs I hope, what I wrote Tarumissfit Thanks hun I understand ya. Eye opener to say the least! Corey Ok awesome Taru!

I was being rushed and I was afraid of messing up what I was trying to say. Obviously I've overstepped my limits here. Maybe not with you I'm sorry if I've upset anyone. Happy hunting everyone and I hope that everyone finds what they are looking for. Tarumissfit Ok man be good fish. I hope you find happiness to. Sonya Well that certainly makes sense. You sure do know how to write and know what you talk about. Its always easier to express oneself through writing rather then speaking out loud..

So a chatter box lol I am not. If anything its hard to talk with others or express myself because of being too shy. Thank you for the compliment though! That was my reason for even looking into the signs. A Pisces born March 1st. I am hopeful. He seems genuine with his feelings towards me. Time will tell I guess. I kid you not I thought about your remark on "the rise and fall of the sun". I am clueless.. Corey I wish you both the best Sonya Thank you Corey. Corey Deb told me that you quoted me and that's fine.

A little flattered ; You and Taurus Male have the floor now.


Virgos too needed. Adam Medina It works. Odds against this combination are too great for this combination unless one will become subservient to the other. It can be especially applied to males. You could be on the cusp of another sign which produces incompatibility, vice versa.

Maybe you guys will clean up my mess lol! Sonya I just wanted to come and apologize if my way of wishing you two the best came across as being rude.